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December 2021
December 07, 2021 - Tuesday
Training Workshop on Fentanyl, Synthetic Drugs and Investigations

Irving, TX

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December 13-14, 2021; Monday - Tuesday
Introduction To Cell Phone Investigations

Irving, TX

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Training includes the following and more:
  • What data is available from cell phone companies, including records of phone calls, geographic data, text
  • Messages, multimedia messages, voicemails, and Internet data such as emails, web traffic, and IP data?
  • What data is available on the physical cell phone devices themselves and important considerations for all first responders?
  • Introduction to how law enforcement typically uses the data
  • Introduction on how to interpret, analyze, map, surveil, archive, and present this extremely valuable data that exists in essentially EVERY criminal investigation conducted
  • What real-time surveillances may be conducted on cellular telephones, including traps and traces, pen registers, geolocations, and intercepts known as “wiretaps?”
  • Detailed introduction to the geographic data that is available from cell phones, and, how to map this data with inexpensive tools along with important considerations regarding the courtroom presentations of cell phone data, and
  • Introduction to important legal considerations regarding accessing and utilizing cell phone data, and, where the field is headed and how will it impact law enforcement.

December 15-17, 2021; Wednesday - Friday
Interpretation & Mapping Of Records

Irving, TX

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Training includes the following and more:
  • This course is an advanced course that skips the vast majority of background information typically provided in basic courses and jumps right into the specific interpretation and mapping of geographic data available from cell phones. A two-day introduction course will also be presented at the same facility the days prior to this advanced course if potential attendees wish to get a good introduction to the field prior to this course.
  • This is an intensive hands-on course where all students will be provided with a computer (for use in the course) and test data in order to perform thorough practice with the actual interpretation and mapping of the seven largest cell phone companies’ records. 
  • Students will get specific instruction on the data available from the seven major cell phone companies, the various companies’ retention periods and available data, and perform hands-on exercises with test data from each of these major companies. 
  • Instruction will also cover methods for producing intelligence reports and even courtroom presentations with mapped data and will provide information on the available tools to map this valuable data. 
  • Extremely important roaming considerations will also be discussed along with other important information.
  • Students will perform extensive exercises in this course and should have a thorough understanding of how to interpret and map these companies’ records after successfully completing this advanced course!