What is HIDTA?

The High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Program (HIDTA) is an important component of the President's National Drug Control Strategy which provides additional federal resources to those areas to help eliminate or reduce drug trafficking and its harmful consequences. Law enforcement organizations within HIDTAs assess drug trafficking problems and design specific initiatives to reduce or eliminate the production, manufacture, transportation, distribution and chronic use of illegal drugs and money laundering. "reduce drug trafficking & related crime and violence."


Texoma HIDTA's Mission

The mission of Texoma HIDTA (Texoma HIDTA)  is to disrupt the market for illegal drugs in the United States by assisting federal, state, and local law enforcement entities to dismantle and/or disrupt Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs), with particular emphasis on drug trafficking regions that impact the United States.

To accomplish this, the Texoma HIDTA

  • Facilitates interagency cooperation at the local, state and federal level, to strengthen law enforcement's ability to investigate drug trafficking organizations and associated money laundering and violence.
  • Improve intelligence gathering, analysis, and sharing capabilities to dismantle and/or disrupt drug gangs.
  • Provide mission critical resources and services, otherwise unavailable, to regional law enforcement agencies


Resources & Initiatives to Confront Drug-Trafficking

HIDTA funds help federal, state and local law enforcement organizations invest in infrastructure and joint initiatives to confront drug-trafficking organizations.

The key priorities of the program are:

  • Assess regional drug threats;
  • Design strategies to focus efforts that combat drug trafficking threats;
  • Develop and fund initiatives to implement strategies; 
  • Facilitate coordination between federal, state and local efforts; to 
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of drug control efforts to reduce or eliminate the harmful impact of drug trafficking.

Market Disruption

The global drug trade exacts a terrible toll on the American people, threatening their families, their finances, and their freedoms. The illicit drug trade also poses a serious threat to our national security due to its ability to destabilize and corrupt governments and to diminish public safety in regions vital to U.S. interests.

Prevention - Stopping Initiation

Comprehensive and balanced drug policies can reduce the scale of both drug use and drug markets. Demand and supply reduction activities, including evidence-based prevention and early intervention programs, have resulted in fewer first time illicit drug users, significant reductions in youth drug use, and an increased perception of the health and social consequences associated with drug use.

Treatment Reducing Drug Abuse and Addiction

Improving access to treatment and ensuring the quality of treatment services are important steps in helping Americans obtain the care they need to achieve and maintain recovery from substance abuse. 

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