About – Texoma HIDTA

The Texoma HIDTA region encompasses 17 counties in North Texas and eight counties in Oklahoma, yet impacts other counties in our area, neighboring states and a significant portion of the Eastern United States (See Map 1).  The Dallas/Fort Worth area (DFW) is the fourth largest Metropolitan Statistical Area[1] (MSA) in the nation, with more than 7.1 million residents.   It is the largest “inland” populated area in the country.  Our region includes two major drug market areas, the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area and Oklahoma City metropolitan area.  It also includes three primary satellite areas: Amarillo and Tyler, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma. These markets constitute the most significant areas of illicit drug trafficking and abuse within our HIDTA region. Our region is a national transshipment and distribution area for drugs arriving from Mexico and destined for northern Texas, Oklahoma, as well as other areas within the United States. 

TEXOMA HIDTA Vision Statement

In alignment with national drug strategies, rid communities in the Texoma HIDTA Region of the dangers of illicit drugs.

TEXOMA HIDTA Mission Statement

Coordinate Federal and Regional law enforcement resources to reduce the availability of illicit drugs and related violence by:

  • Effectively using intelligence to detect, disrupt and dismantle DTOs and MLOs
  • Supporting effective demand reduction strategies and programs


The Texoma HIDTA region’s extensive transportation infrastructure and strategic proximity to Mexico contribute to making the region an attractive area for DTOs to conduct their criminal activities. Drug traffickers exploit the region’s intricate network of highway systems for the northbound flow of illicit drugs from the Southwest Border to U.S. drug markets and the southbound flow of bulk cash and monetary instruments3 to drug source areas primarily in Mexico.3 Interstates 20, 30, 35, and 40 are primary corridors that intersect the HIDTA region and link its primary drug markets (Dallas-Fort Worth and Oklahoma City) to the Southwest Border and to major U.S. markets in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast (See Map 2). Although a significant portion of illicit drug shipments transported to the Texoma HIDTA region are intended for local distribution, many drug shipments are consolidated at stash houses in the area and transshipped to other U.S. markets, including those in virtually every state in the mid-west, east, and southeast U.S.

Texoma HIDTA Region