Texoma High Intensity Drug
Trafficking Area Regional Intelligence Support Center

Established in 1999, The Texoma HIDTA assists local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in measurably reducing drug trafficking, money laundering, violent crime, drug abuse, and gang-related activities.  The Texoma HIDTA’s area of responsibility includes the North Texas Region which extends from East Texas to the Texas Panhandle, the Lubbock / Brownwood areas and Oklahoma.

 Primarily, the Texoma HIDTA supports law enforcement agencies and departments via its Regional Intelligence Support Center (RISC), whose mission is to utilize all available resources in an effort to coordinate drug intelligence information and promote officer/agent safety. Functions performed by the RISC include:

  • Case/Subject Deconfliction*
  • Database Research
  • Direct Case Support
  • Event Deconfliction*
  • Flow Charting
  • Phone and Link Analysis
  • Photograph and Chart Development, for use in courtroom presentations
  • Post Seizure Analysis
  • Target Search
  • Threat Assessments

* RISC operates a pointer deconfliction system, which is a secure database designed to enhance officer/agent safety by providing law enforcement with a timely notice of possible conflicts in operational events (such as surveillance, knock and talks, buys, and arrest and search warrant executions) while helping to prevent duplication of investigative efforts.

For additional information, contact the Regional Intelligence Support Center at 972 621-2213 Monday through Friday, 8:00am through 5:00pm.

Lt. Mike Tatsch
Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office
Texoma HIDTA Watch Center Commander